Rules - NLMT


2023 Noah Llewellyn Memorial Tournament - Rules and Regulations

1.    CAHA rules as laid down for minor hockey will govern all games. Tournament bylaws shall be in addition to CAHA/Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS) rules and will not conflict with same.

2.    HNS Code of Discipline will apply to all games. All suspensions will be reported to HNS on the day the infraction occurs by the Tournament Chair or delegate.

3.    Only those listed on the game report are permitted in the bench area.

4.    No protests or appeals of any kind will be entertained. 

5.    All round robin games will be three 10-minute stop time periods. All playoff games (semis/finals) are three 12-minute stop time periods.  All warm-ups will be three minutes in length as designated by the time keeper. There is no flood between periods.

6.    Games are to be played to completion, rink clocks will not be enforced.

7.    There will be no time outs in the round robin portion of the tournament. Teams will each have one 60 second time out for all play-off games.

8.    Round Robin games can end in a tie.

9.   Points will be allotted after each game as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. There will be no goal differential maximum in round robin games, the final score in each game will be the goals for/against used in tie breaking calculations.

10.    Any team unable to ice a team will forfeit the game and be charged with a 5-0 loss.

11.    In all tournament games where there is a goal differential of five (5) or more in the third period the game clock will be running continuously until the game has ended. A goal reducing the goal differential back below five (5) goals will not result in any further stop time during this game. Length of time of penalties will not change regardless of if play is in stop time or straight time. (i.e. a minor penalty is two minutes regardless of stop or straight time.)

12.    The tie-breaking formula for team standings shall be as follows.

In the event that two teams are tied with points after round robin play, the tie will be broken as follows:

  • The winner of the game played between the tied teams shall be seeded higher
  • If the game played ended in a tie, or the teams did not play each other in the round robin the tie will be broken by the tie breaking formulas

In the event that 2 or more teams are tied in points, the tie will be broken as follows. Note: due to the nature of the schedule, head-to-head matchups in round robin play may not be taken into consideration when breaking ties of 3 or more teams (if they didn’t all play against each other)

  • Point Win Percentage (this pertains to those teams playing 4 round robin games)
    • If the team that plays 4 games finishes 3-1-0 (9 points), they will be seeded lower than a team that finishes 3-0-0 because of their point win percentage.
      • 9 out of a possible 12 points = 67% Vs 9 out of 9 points = 100%
    • This ensures that the team that has 4 games, plays to win every game - 
    • NOTE - if the team that plays 4 games isn't tied with any other teams, they stay where they are in the standings. 
  • Total wins in round robin play (i.e if 3 teams are tied with 3 points, Team 1 and Team 2 have records of 1-2-0, Team 3 has a record of 0-0-3, Team 3 is eliminated and 1 & 2 will continue in with the next tiebreakers to determine the higher seed.
  • Fewest Losses in round robin play
  • Goals For Minus Goals Against differential
    • If still tied, the higher standing will be determined based on the highest straight goals for less goals against number for all games the teams have played in the round robin portion of the tournament, with the largest number deciding the highest standing (i.e. highest +/)
  • Most Goals Scored
    • If still tied, the team scoring the most goals in all round robin games shall finish higher
  • Fewest Goals Against
    • If still tied, the team allowing the least goals in all round robin games shall finish higher
  • If still tied, the quickest time documented for the first goal recorded by each team in the tournament in their first game of the tournament shall finish higher
  • If still tied, a coin toss will be utilized


  • Top four teams in each division advance to play offs (semi finals): 1 Vs 4 and 2 Vs 3
  • As stated previously, if a division has an odd number of teams, one team is required to play a 4th round robin game in their division. This game is meaningful for that team.


  • All playoff games must have a winner
  • If tied after regulation play, there will be a stop time five (5) minute sudden death overtime with four skaters + a goalie on the ice. If still tied, a three (3) minute sudden death overtime will be repeated but with three skaters + a goalie on the ice until a winner is decided.
  • During the first overtime period if a penalty is called, the game will continue 4-on-3. However, if playing in a 3-on-3 setting, the non-offending team will place an additional player on the ice to establish the man advantage. After the penalty time has expired, the player from the penalty box will join the play. At the next stoppage of play, the number of players on the ice will revert to the number applicable to the stage of overtime that the play is in.


  • Standings on website do not necessarily reflect tiebreakers (teams with same total points may be shown in alphabetic order).  The official playoff schedule will identify four teams/division who advance.  The official playoff schedule will be available at the following times once round robin games have been completed.  Seeds may be determined earlier depending on how teams fair and when the division completes their final round robin game. 
    • U11 - 8 pm on the 29th
    • U13 - 8 pm on the 29th
    • U15 - 8 pm on the 29th
    • U18 - 8 pm on the 29th